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Circuit Edit Applications


An example of Circuit Edit. Here a simple modification of an IC with 2 additional connections added running over the passivation and several track cuts can be seen - time to fix = 25 minutes

Cross Sectional Analysis


Cross Sectioning a single gate 200nm long (in this case a GaAs FET) directly through the centre to show the internal structure of prototype devices or failures (like voids). Taking referenced, tilt-adjusted measurments directly from the centre of the device is a powerfull tool for process engineers. - It works just as well for cross sectioning corrosion pits in stainless steel, viewing the profiles of micro fluidic channels, and analysing particles embedded in just about anything.

TEM Sample preparation


Producing a TEM sample with no mechanical grinding or cleaving, without coating the sample, and from the exact location you want it from, is only possible using the FIBxTEM technique. Foil extraction from the sample and mounting on a TEM grid can be achieved in 2-3hrs from almost any material, irrespective of its mechanical characteristics.

Cryo-DualBeam Application No1


Image of an FIB cross section through the stomata guard cells on the underside of a coriander leaf. The leaf had previously been plunge frozen in liquid nitrogen slush and then gold coated.

Cryo-DualBeam Application No 2

nucleas plus particles oh yeah_011.jpg

Image of a human fibroblast cell nucleus, which has been frozen and then FIB sectioned to show an absorbed cobalt particle. The cell was plunge frozen in liquid nitrogen slush, FIB sectioned and then gold coated prior to SEM imaging.

Nanomachining - complex patterns


NanoMachining - complex patterning in any material using images as patterns. Any file type may be used, and patterning is possible from 10nm's.